5 Apps To Make (Dad) Life Easier

October 9, 2017

As a new Dad my time has become more precious – and scarce- than ever before.

Here are several apps I’m using and loving to stay efficient, productive, and sane.


I accumulate excess paper clutter.

When my wife and I were dating, she found it was hilarious that I owned a file cabinet. “What in the world are you filing?” she would tease me.

Evernote addresses my clutter problem. With a built in scanner and search tool I can quickly turn a pile of trash into a functional  searchable digital archive.

This provides a useful check on my decreased memory recall due sleep deprivation.


I recently learned of the Minimalists podcast. While I haven’t yet taken on their minimalism challenge to purge items from my life, I have taken a liking to using this app.

It is simple. I had tried other tasking apps before, such a Wunderlist and the Apple Reminders. These came with too many bells and whistles.

This app reminds me of a small blank notecard, which I used in my pre-smartphone days.

The clean and sleek design helps me focus on the task at hand.

Also helpful, a built in timer you can activate when ready to work on a task. With this tool you can chunk your to do list items into manageable time blocks.


I have been a fan of meditation for some time. I am not, by any means, a meditation guru but this is my favorite meditation app.

It’s perfect for beginners: it chunks meditation blocks into manageable time, guides you from the beginning, and provides a good balance on finding your zen and observing the wandering a of the mind.

Its creator is British, so the guided meditations are narrated with an accent.

This adds to the authenticity of the meditation experience.


While older parents from a pre-tech era may balk at the idea of a using a camera to check on a sleeping baby, I find this tool brings many benefits.

First, the app works with a physical camera you can place – or mount with the included wall mount- in your child’s bedroom.

You can then control the camera with your cell phone app- moving it any direction, recording pictures and video, and even using the microphone to talk through the built in speaker.

This camera also has night vision built in and it works pretty well.

We received this as a baby shower gift: It had some of the best reviews and I’d say it lives up to the hype.

The only hiccup I’ve encountered is the wireless setup didn’t work during installation, so I had to plug it into our router before I got it to work on the wifi.


Credit Karma lets you check your credit score for free.

While some credit cards offer convenient credit score monitoring, I find this app more convenient.

After setting up a PIN number, all it takes is the simple entry of four digits and you can see your credit score on file with the credit score companies.

With this app there is really no reason not to know and stay on top of your credit score.