On Gratitude

December 11, 2017

This year I am thinking and reflecting on gratitude.

As I write this I am sitting next to my son, who had been sick with a fever, and reminded that having a child is the most amazing blessing of all.

After we pack up the Thanksgiving decorations and finish off the leftovers, it is easy to get sucked into the sudden rush of materialism the modern holiday season brings.

I love the holiday season: We went and got our Christmas tree and put it up right after Thanksgiving.

Time Magazine caught my eye recently with an article on gratitude and it’s health benefits: Included in these are the ability to make you more patient, sleep better, and improve your relationships.

Forbes magazine also has a recent article on the benefits of gratitude at work. It makes the connection between leadership, being a better leader, and practicing gratitude.

I like the concept of a gratitude practice that it introduces. The example they give sounds a big cheesy – particularly the part of mouthing the words ‘thank you’- but nevertheless a solid reminder that rather than dwelling this holiday season on our next big purchase and accompanying adrenaline rush from the next big thing, it might be worth it to focus instead on the things we already have and are grateful for.