5 Tips For Taking Your Kid To The Grocery Store In The Rain

March 13, 2018

When you are a sleep deprived Dad, worn out from working, commuting and taking care of your kid, a trip to the grocery store in the rain can seem daunting. Here are 5 tips to make it easier.

Buy a stroller rain cover. WhenI first saw these I was not impressed. They looked hot and claustrophobic. But my son surprised me and was completely enamored with watching the raindrops fall on the clear plastic. That it keeps the rain off the kid is secondary. The main benefit is seeing the joy on your kid’s face.

Bring the stroller into the store. Don’t try to be a hero and carry the shopping basket on your arm while you push the stroller. The basket will only get heavier and you’ll find yourself debating whether you want to actually get all the items on your list, or stow the grocery items on the lower level of the stroller, a less than ideal location.

Grab a shopping cart if you have a medium to large grocery list. Otherwise, the lower level container on the stroller will hold a surprising amount of stuff. On my trip to Costco last weekend I fit a giant kcup box, 3 lb can off coffee, a giant package of pens for work, and a bag of frozen chicken, quinoa and kale for lunches. P.s. can you tell I am a sleep deprived Dad from my shopping list?

Park near a shopping cart corral. This is a no brainer. After you are done shopping you have to get your kid and groceries back out to the car. Once in the car though, you can’t leave your kid unattended to return the cart. If the corral is close by, everybody wins.

Don’t forget your umbrella. With all the focus on keeping your little one dry and happy, and remembering everything on your grocery list, it’s easy to forget yourself. Remember: as the airlines say, put the Oxygen mask on yourself first. Don’t forget your umbrella. My favorite is the giant ones the sell discounted at Home Depot.